Quality materials makes the difference in performance. The right gear increases energy and provides comfort. Hard work is simply becoming enjoyable...

As an athlete I understand the demand on garments to be able to cope with severe weather conditions while providing comfort, practical features and great design.

We make a difference by sharing our knowledge about highly technical purpose made clothing with our clients. Clients experience how comfort, endurance and quality go hand in hand with the looks.



Peak Rock & Sport is a reliable partner with a long history and knowledge for design, pattern, manufacturing and logistics.

Peak Rock & Sport is a partner for any client operating in EU, Americas and Asia.

Peak Rock & Sport is a partner who offers competitive pricing for a broad range of sporting goods and combat gear.

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Combat Gear Peak Rock & Sport offers a large range of combat clothing including light battle dress uniforms (BDU), Heavy duty combat jackets and trousers, shirts and underwear, commando hats, balaclava and excellent shooting, working and sport gloves, rain covers and more...

Sports Gear Representing various global brands Peak Rock & Sport offers a wide selection of outdoor clothing for winter and summer activities such as cross country, skiing, hiking, biking and running.



Peak Rock & Sport offers protective and functional textiles for military, police and hunters, using tested, high technology fabrics with multiple functions; stretch, fire retardancy, water and insect repellency, anti-static and high abrasion resistance. All suppliers are selected for their innovative approach.

Materials for sports clothing, gloves and hats include Windstopper, Stretch, Tech, Dry, Shell, Fleece, Clarino and the latest fabrics for ideal sport performance.